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We are a global payment systems company offering business value in the areas of electronic payment, financial transaction processing solutions and services. We provide innovative, cost effective and comprehensive payment services through our multiple lines of business i.e. Banking automation products. Point of Sale Services (POS) and emerging payment services. Our goal is to develop services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible.

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PayWave one of our products is a one stop shop for all your needs from transactions to notification functionalities


Through our APIs , we can easily intergrade an business model and extend their functionalities to a whole new world


We have a 24 hour support window and we make it our duty to make our clients priority


Make your Disbursements and collections simpler by using Paywave


Get instant notification services , by using our bulk or single notifications sending services


Schedules your transactions and have them sent at your own time , get instant notification on your transactions and its status

Why Us :

We offer Api intergrations from our extensive services hence extending your capabilities and smoothening your customer experience

We offer notification services to our customers in various categories

Our record breaking support efficiency when it comes to client support puts at above in the market

Continuos improvement of our services creates a sense of trust and satisfaction to our clients

We heavily invest in the stabilization of the whole systems to increase and maintain the customer's satisfaction of use of our systems

Connect and transact everywhere, don't be left out


We will readily provide a documentation for our clients based on needs , both the API and user interface documentations are user friendly and easily understandable


Interact with our team and find out the best way to connect your system with us for more convenience. We integrate to enhance your experience.


Interact with our friendly interface and reach us incase of need for any further explanation.
We have a flawless and easily interactable interface to enhance user experience.


For more info : +254 709 525 000