Who we are

We are an electronic payment solution company with a focus in simplifying the payment process for different clients , we make it our duty to provide a one stop shop for all the payment solutions , with a proven record of simplifying transaction systems , we guarantee our clients an easy to use transaction system .Get to interact with PayWave through https://paywave.africa/ to explore the capabilities of our payment system.

We offer payment solution integration endpoints for our customers to enable collection through different channels , you can access our API integration documentation through https://doc-paywave.slafrica.net/ that entails the procedures on PayWave (one of our payment products) workability.. Through our products we provide services that include :
1. Single Disbursement of Transactions
2.Builk Disbursement of Transaction
3.Collection Of Transactions
4.Sheduled transactions
5.Payment gateway
6.Single SMS

7.Bulk SMS
8.Api Integration

Our Mission

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Our Values

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