If you often receive payments from clients located across the government or country, you’ve likely experienced difficulty tracking and monitoring these payments at one time or another. We’ve developed a dedicated revenue collection solution to help streamline the payment process and significantly improve your turnaround times.

Instant Pay

Instant Pay is a secure web-based solution that enables corporate and government organisations to receive payments from distributors, agents and customers from all banks in Kenya. Payments can be made from bank branches, ATMs, Point of Sale, online, mobile phones. Instant Pay also gives you real-time updates of who paid, which bank the money was paid into and what amount was paid. The solution also simplifies collections of payment for goods and services, taxes and levies for governments, ministries and departmental agencies. You can receive, monitor and reconcile payments from the comfort of your office.

Instant Pay offers these great features

  • Payments can be made through multiple channels
  • Receive payments from all Banks in Kenya
  • View payments immediately, then supply goods or services accordingly
  • Generate and download detailed reports
  • Filter reports by multiple criteria e.g. date, amount, bank, zone, payment ID, customer etc.
  • Get real-time updates